I’ve gone a made an album for Mums! I created ‘Mindful Mum; How Not To Lose Your Total fucking Shit’ in a bid to help Mums to stay sane on their crazy journey through Motherhood. Having kids tests you, its the hardest thing you will ever do, the toughest job you will ever have, it will take you to the brink of your sanity, and hopefully when they finally move out of your house - back from it! Being a parent will make you lose your total fucking shit!

Overwhelmed by the pressure to be a perfect Mum, to juggle my career and a happy relationship I wrote the album as a way to help Mum’s (and myself) un-fuck themselves from the prison of perfection by embracing their angry inner selves. It’s my own spin on Mindfulness, the first album of it’s kind, featuring X rated meditation tracks that are not to be listened to in front of the kids!

Bored of all the worthy meditation tracks that saturate the market, which tell you to just ‘be calm’ to ‘just relax’ to ‘stay positive’ ‘Mindful Mum; How Not To Lose Your Total fucking Shit’ - is my two fingered salute to the excessive trend of positivity we now find ourselves in! #grateful

Positivity culture is everywhere, and to be honest I find positivity exhausting! Yes it preaches that meditation, mindfulness, and gratitude are tried-and-true methods of self-care. And absolutely they really do work for some. But personally, for me, a good shout, bitch, moan and maybe even giving the wall a good kick are sometimes AS effective!

When did negativity become so out of fashion? It’s ok to have bad days, to say that sometimes parenting is shit, life is shit and you are losing your total fucking shit! Mindfulness isn't all about incense and unicorn jiz - it’s about honouring and embracing ALL of your feelings - even the dark pit of rage you have welling up in the very core of your being.

Ladies - what if your journey to enlightenment involves screaming into the wind, eating a family sized tub of salted caramel ice cream and then having a wank over Kit Harrington in game of thrones. Works for me darlings and I’m a mother fucking guru #grateful

I really hope the album helps you thought the tricky moments of feeling overwhelmed by motherhood, writing it has certainly helped me : )

Lots of love, Olivia x

Ps - I’m turning the album into a live show; Olivia lee; Losing Her Total Fucking Shit. Click here to find out more.

Pps - It took me a long time to totally lose my total fucking shit. But when I did it was the best thing that happened to me… SOMETIMES YOU NEED TO LOSE YOUR SHIT TO FIND YOURSELF…

Namaste bitches x