Darlings, guess what? I’m also a qualified Life Coach! (AKA: The Mutherfu*king Guru, yes namaste etcs). What qualifies me for being a guru? Well aside from the fact that I love eating lentils, I also have had a tonne of therapy. So much therapy it got to point where I thought ‘I can do this’ – so I did! I trained as a life coach and NLP practitioner. Now I’m here to share my ‘losing my total fucking shit’ wisdom with you, because yes, I had to lose mine in order to find myself.

If you’re felling stuck, blocked and generally frustrated with your lot in life – then I’d love to help you. We would work together to free you from the false beliefs and blocks that you are holding onto, that are preventing you from having the life you desire, and reaching your full potential.

I’ve put a lot of my self help beliefs into the album, and believe it’s ok to be utterly imperfect, to feel negative, and that ultimately self acceptance is key. If you are feeling dissatisfied with your life and want more get in touch… so that I can help release you from the prison of perfection, yes darlings, it’s time to embrace your imperfections and let yourself of the fucking hook.

My coaching methods are far from ‘conventional’! Expect some straight talking (no bullshits etc) some laughs, and maybe (probably) some swears. If you fancy a refreshing new approach to self care, that doesn’t take itself too seriously, then I’d love to hear from you.

Losing your shit is when you stop being a victim of circumstance and take control of your shit, so lets tame that shit together!!

Hit me up to find out more!

Namaste x